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Daniel Eggli in Turin

"Panoramas and People"
 kuratiert von Patrizia Bottallo
27. Oktober - 24. November 2012

Chalet Allemand
 C / o Cultural Park Le Serre
 Via Lanza 31, Grugliasco, Turin, Italy

Freier Eintritt
 FR 15.00 -19.00
 SA-SO 9.00 - 13.00 / 15.00 - 19.00

Daniel Egglis Holzskulpturen sind in Grugliasco, Turin zu sehen!

The exhibition presents works by European and American artists, and offers insights and reflections on the concept of the contemporary scene, landscape understood as external and internal, social or political, beyond the given nature, characterized by the presence of man and his work.
Watching a scene stops, as in a photograph, a geography personal and collective shows a here and a where a position in the things, places, and stresses the radius, the angle from which we decided to observe them, to try to understand them.
The show wants to be a hypothetical "lookout", a place where as during a walk we stop to look at a strategic point, at the top, for the pleasure of embracing his eyes around, to be silently present and the altogether.

Artists who take part in the exhibition:

Alana Lake
Angela Dufresne
Carlo D'Oria
Christopher Russell
Clara Turchi
Daniel Eggli
David Mach
David Rayson
Gabriele Garbolino Rù
Hannes Malte Mahler
Philipp Morlock
Victor López Gonzáles



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