Wood sculpting for beginners

Wood is a unique material. Its mainly round shape requires a clear creative approach in order to get to its essence. This course will teach you the basic skills in woodcarving. Beginners as well as advanced students will learn the basics of wood sculpting and how to tackle the challenges of three-dimensional work.

Working with chisel, gouge, axe and mallet, our work will slowly take shape. Our tutors will give individual guidance and support to each course participant. Short crash courses on concept, carving and presentation of a sculpture will complement the practical work. The work can be figurative or abstract. We begin by producing large sketches and developing the desired form. By creating quick rough models in clay we will be helped in our efforts to create a three-dimensional form. Using the direct carving method we carve directly into the wood, chipping away until the sculpture is revealed.

Course languages: German and English


01. - 06. 09. 2019

Wood sculpting for beginners

Lilian Hasler
800.00 CHF 
Wood sculpting for beginners