Stone sculpting taster week

Is stone really that hard? Is stone carving difficult? Can I chisel a sculpture in stone even if I am not as strong as an ox? If you would like to give it a try, you will find the perfect opportunity here.

This one-week taster course familiarizes participants with the most basic things about working with stone:

  • The stones themselves
  • The tools
  • Pitching and punching
  • The design of a stone sculpture

In addition to our Peccia marble, we can provide softer stones such as shell limestone or alabaster. We will work manually, whereby we attach particular importance to the correct and energy-saving pitching and punching techniques. We will also learn how to polish stones. The participants can use their own ideas to create a piece of work, or they can just have a go and see what happens. By using a soft stone, in a smaller format (up to 40cm), we should be able to produce a beautiful small sculpture in a week.

The course language is German, but the tutors also speaks English or French.


30. 06. - 05. 07. 2019

Stone sculpting taster week

Lilian Hasler
800.00 CHF 
22. - 27. 09. 2019

Stone sculpting taster week

Annegret Kon
800.00 CHF 
Sculpting course "warm - up"