Experimental work in plaster

The natural material Gypsum has always played an important role in sculpture. As a casting and modeling material it offers a wide range of possibilities. Easy to use and with a short drying time, it seems like an invitation to play.
On this course we deliberately explore the boundaries of the material. What is forbidden by the textbook can be tried here (for example: what happens when we pour water into Gypsum?). The workshop shall be turned into a laboratory where randomness will be the norm. Sculptures may emerge whose appearance we channel, but cannot control. We also learn how plaster can be softened or hardened, or how the drying time can be accelerated or delayed. Thus it becomes easier to model and work with Gypsum. Equally the figurative design, in conjunction with textiles and part-body casts, can be incorporated.

This course is convenient for beginners and advanced students!

Languages: German, English, Italian, French and Swahili.


01. - 06. 09. 2019

Experimental work in plaster

Thomas Hunziker
800.00 CHF 
Experimental work in plaster
working directly the plaster