Simon Ledergerber

Born in 1977. Artist

Since 2012 participation in exhibitions.

2016: Exhibited in the ‘Kunstraum’ R57, Zurich; ‘Fabrikutop’, Brunnen; ‘Haus für Kunst’, Uri, ‘dall’altra parte’; ‘Dienstgebäude’ Zurich, ‘Catch of the Year’; la Nef, Le Noirmont, ‘Cantonale Bern Jura’; 6½ rooms for contemporary art, Zurich.

In addition to being a trained cabinet maker, he completed a woodcarving apprenticeship in 2005, worked in various art foundries and took courses in drawing and modeling at the University of Arts in Lucerne and Zurich. His work has taken him to Vienna and Beijing. Today he has a studio in Biel and lives in Zurich.


“Nature is Simon Ledergerber’s field of inspiration: natural phenomena, chemical reactions and physical properties are his means, natural elements such as stone, salt and wood, are his raw materials. Like a scientist he experiments and tries to extend or intensify the conditions and processes that he has observed. His studio is a laboratory. His works are observations. Simon Ledergerber has a clear vision of what he is aiming for and likes to use unconventional methods to achieve it.” Kunsthalle Mulhouse

Simon Ledergeberg