Scultpting for advanced students II - rotation

This is an advanced course for those interested in the theme ‘rotation’. It is hoped that, as time goes on, you will develop a style of your own. The study of a given theme opens up new dimensions for us and helps us to find new starting-points.

"Rotation in Sculpture In my artistic work which deals to a large extent with the human body, it is important for me to create figures in motion and at rest. This is often achieved by the rotation of the figure. Hence the theme of this course: ‘Rotation in Sculpture’. Various approaches can be used to achieve our aims. The artistic expression of each participant should be developed and worked out. We will use inspirations from nature as a resource." Hans-Peter Profunser

Prerequisite: Good basic knowledge of stone craftmanship

The course language is German.



16. - 28. 08. 2020

Scultpting for advanced students II - rotation

Hans-Peter Profunser
1,600.00 CHF